Spectacular Daytime Fireworks Captured in Ultra Slow Motion

Videos of slow motion coloured smoke never grows old.
Jessica Miley

What would 1500 individual tubes of colored powder being detonated within half a second of each look like? Hard to image? No need. The color lovable presenters of the YouTube channel the Slow Mo Guys have made an addictive video of this exact scenario.

Out in the Texas desert, the best friends use electric detonation and a phantom 4K camera to capture the magic. The huge strip of colors goes off with a bang. But the real delight is watching the footage back in super slow motion.

Why colored smoke is just so mesmerizing is hard to say, but there is something absolutely beautiful about the long streaks of colors immediately following detonation followed by a rainbow cloud that drifts off across the flat landscape.

If you aren’t familiar with the Slow Mo Guys work their latest videos umbrellaed under the title of Planet Slow Mo are worth a look. The two lads travel the world filming natural wonders with their signature camera and silly banter.

Content ranges from checking out a thermal geyser in slow motion to the absolutely ridiculous opening of a condom in a wind tunnel.

The guys manage to capture create videos that are at once both educational and absolutely silly. Combing genuine awe and surprise in their narration with great editing and a cheesy soundtrack makes this channel worth subscribing too.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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