Spot and Pepper Robots Army Sing and Dance to Cheer for Baseball Team

Stadiums are empty in the days of COVID-19, so teams had to improvise.
Derya Ozdemir

You might be accustomed to seeing thousands of people singing "You Will Never Walk Alone" in unison, but that and the other examples of spectacle activities haven't been possible and probably won't be for some time due to the ongoing pandemic.

We've seen instances where robots have come to the rescue, such as Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog helping doctors to diagnose and treat patients; however, now, with some things catching up and some not, robots have taken their places in the stadiums.

Japan's baseball season has resumed after a break due to COVID-19 and only players are allowed in the stadiums. In order to provide mid-game entertainment in an empty stadium, they have opted to using robots, providing rather interesting sights for all of us to see.

Japan's Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks have received cheerleading support from SoftBank-owned Peppers and Spots, which is of SoftBank-owned Boston Dynamics) and it is as surreal as it gets. This cheerleading support is the first of many that will last until the end of the month, so if you want to see some robot cheerleading action, you might want to head out to see the video. You won't be disappointed.

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