A DIY enthusiast turns 500,000 sprinkles into rocket fuel and launches rockets

Rocket candy is real.
Derya Ozdemir

What's a better way to celebrate than turning 500,000 sprinkles into rocket fuel? If you agree, you will definitely love this sugar-based fuel used to launch homemade rockets. This idea is not a particularly original one, as there are many amateur rocketry enthusiasts throughout the world that are fascinated by all kinds of wacky propellants. In fact, anything containing a kind of hydrocarbon in it, such as sugar and even pepperoni, would work very well. The more you know!

If you have a knack for DIY projects and know your way around rockets, this video by the YouTuber Louis Weisz will show you the way to rocket candy. Of course, rockets don’t fly just on sugar (or pepperoni) alone, but the recipe is for you to discover by watching the video embedded above. Enjoy!

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