This Is Stan, the World's First Outdoor Valet Parking Robot

Kathleen Villaluz

If you would ask people ten years ago if they think autonomous cars could truly be a possibility and that it will be the new norm a few years down the line then they'd probably be skeptical and shake their heads in response. But look at the world now, aren't we just a few steps behind an advanced futuristic world? And because autonomous cars are gradually taking over, of course, we need an equally advanced parking method for them. That's where Stan comes in - the first outdoor valet parking robot created by Stanley Robotics. The self-driving parking robot is fully powered by electricity and ensures zero-emission car storage.

Finding a parking space can sometimes be frustrating and tedious making us not want to bring our car to wherever we're going. But then public transport is just as equally frustrating at times. So, Stan is stepping in to solve those issues of ours to give us a stress-free parking experience. The good thing about the robot and its system's technology is that existing parking infrastructures doesn't require to be adapted to suit the new parking method. It's an ideal scenario for long periods of car storage like in airports. Stanley Robotics also provides a smart parking management system that coordinates all the robots for a smooth operation.