Student Builds Functioning Wooden Odometer for Model Car

The brilliant student explains the "simple math" behind his wooden odometer.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Once in a while, we come across a how-to video that really impresses us. This is one of these videos.

YouTuber Generic Woodworking decided to build a wooden odometer for his wooden toy model car. For those who do not know what such a device is, an odometer measures the distance your vehicle has traveled. It works by calculating how many times the wheel rotated and multiplying that number by the circumference of the wheel.

Now, we know what you are all thinking. How far could a model car go? Well, you'd be surprised!

Generic Woodworking explains exactly where he plans on attaching the odometer in the wooden car and how he plans on making it work. The process requires quite some advanced engineering as the device needs to be able to make calculations on its own. He explains the "simple math" behind his device. 

We must admit that even for engineers the math is not that simple but Generic Woodworking does a good job of explaining it well. He then goes on to take us through his whole construction process.

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