Student Makes a Flying Cap From Scratch for His Graduation

This brilliant student found a way to launch his cap like a space rocket at his graduation.
Derya Ozdemir

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the flying graduation cap!

All students must have dreamt about throwing their graduation caps high at one point. That short moment marks a turning point in our lives, and this brilliant student found a way to make it even more memorable by engineering his cap to literally fly

Much like the NASA and SpaceX launch we watched some days ago, his video takes you to the skies thanks to his handiness, engineering skills, and drone-ish graduation cap. We are not talking about making the cap float or anything, he literally made it fly which enabled him to capture shots of the place he lives in bird-eye view.

His touching description reads, "Take a journey from my home to the school where I spent 4 years growing up."

In the video, he shows the process of designing and building the flying cap. It is sort of like a visual documentary of what he has done in the process.

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When asked if he had any details about his flying cap project that he could share, he answered that he only had two weeks to complete it and, therefore, didn't have the time to document it in its entirety. It's a shame, but the beautiful video makes up for it. 

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