Student Tricks Autonomous Bus Into Thinking He is a Banana

A special pattern was the culprit.
Derya Ozdemir

From Tesla's Autopilot being fooled by split-second "phantom" images of speed limits in regular ads to researchers tricking it using only a small piece of tape, autonomous cars being deceived through ingenious methods is something we've seen before.

These tricks bring up questions that must be answered as self-driving vehicles are becoming more popular every day. In this video by Atomic Frontier, James Dingley takes a look at the University of Western Australi's autonomous shuttle bus to see whether he can trick it and tests the limits of computer vision.

James calls the shuttle bus "one of the world's most advanced self-driving vehicles, and this pattern should confuse it enough into thinking that I’m a banana and running me over. Please, don’t try this at home." Then, he proceeds to try and understand how we can try to learn what's going on inside the bus's brain.

Complete with on-screen graphics and various filming locations, the video is an interesting mix of science and bananas. Make sure you watch it to better understand where we are with the self-driving car revolution.

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