Super-Hearing Helps Owls Hunt with Insane Precision

Although you usually think of owls as wise animals, they are actually great predators with super hearing.
Loukia Papadopoulos

You may not think of owls as predators. You usually see them as wise birds. But owls are great predators with super hearing.

The great grey owl lives in the Arctic. That means that even in the summer, its prey can be buried under the snow. 

No need to worry as this owl has adept super hearing. To hunt, it locates its prey by listening for movement below the snow. No matter how fast its prey can run, it cannot hide from the owl's super hearing.

In fact, the feathers surrounding the owl's eyes, function like dish antennas. They direct sound to the ears helping the owl pinpoint its target better. The owl can hear its prey as much as two feet beneath the snow.

Once it has been spotted, the owl plans its attack. It scoops in from the sky and grabs. Owls have become masters of the dive.