A YouTuber puts super-skinny tires on a car to make it more fun

He also runs a series of experiments to compare the tires to regular-sized ones.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Let's face it! Cars can be lots of fun. Speeding, feeling the wind in your hair, taking an abrupt turn, and handling it like a pro. But you know what makes cars even more fun? Super thin tires.

In this video, YouTuber Driven Media equipped one of his cars with super-thin tires and video-taped the whole experience to showcase just how much fun it is. Once the tires had been installed, the YouTuber put the car through a series of tests to see how the thin tires compared to normal ones.

One of these tests was to put it in a burnout competition with an M5. Another was to make the vehicle run a speedy lap around their track. The YouTuber eventually drifted the tires so much that he broke them, but that doesn't mean the experiments weren't worth the final results.

The video does bring up some interesting questions about thin tires versus regular ones, such as when is it best to use thin tires? What were these types of tires created for, and why don't we see them on cars more often? How do cars perform with thin tires versus regular ones, and is it possible in the future to see more thin tire cars?

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