Swedish Musician Martin Molin Builds and Tests a 50,000 Marble Music Machine

The Marble Machine X is an improvement on the maestro's previous version.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We have already reported on Swedish musician and maestro Martin Molin who builds incredible machines that make music using the fall of marbles, you might have heard his group Wintergatan. Last August, Molin concocted a device with 3,000 parts to make his marble music.

Now, he is back with a new machine that tackles 50,000 marbles with less misses than before. Indeed, when Molin starts his machine2,000 marbles hit two drum sets without missing a single time.

This makes for quite some interesting and pleasant music. This is a big improvement on Molin's test of last week that saw the use of only 30,000 marbles and produced a fail of six marbles.

Molin states that his goal is to beat the previous score and set a new record for his Marble Machine X. Watching the machine is absolutely mesmerizing as the marbles turn and fall right in the middle of the two drums stimulating a pleasant beat.

The video shows everything it takes to make this machine work and there are many components involved from tubes that move the marbles one by one to springs that send them flying to the drums. But does Molin achieve his final record-breaking goal? You have to watch the video to find out.

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