Synchronization: Exploring How Order Emerges from Chaos

From metronomes to the flashes of fireflies, why does nature synchronize?

Have you wondered how our universe, which is filled with chaos and disorder, can have instances where things spontaneously synchronize?

In one of Interesting Engineering's videos, we've explored the second law of thermodynamics and how that very law may predict how our Universe will end, and accordingly, this law tells us that everything in the universe tends towards disorder. Before you get to this video, you might want to watch that one first.

The above video by the YouTube channel Veritasium explores what puts things in order in spite of nature's tendency for disorder. From the synchronizations of metronomes to the flashes of fireflies, if you're curious to see why nature synchronizes, this video, which is filled with clear visuals and explanations on the subject, will definitely curb your curiosity. Enjoy!

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