This T-Mobile Onesie is the Ultimate in Integrated Comfort

T-Mobile went all-out for this year's April Fools' Day. The company linked not one but two very convincing videos about a revolutionary new product: the T-Mobile Onesie. For those addicted to the comfort of a onesie and their phones, the magenta pink onesie meets all their needs.

The video hits on recent trends in wearable technology. For fans of Google, it hits really close to home as Google recently announced its partnership with Levi's Jeans in washable integrated technology.

T-Mobile also managed to put out a "Making of" video with the company's CEO John Legere explains the reasoning behind the onesie.

"T-mobile onesie is a completely new, immersive wireless technology that allows you to literally go all in with your wireless lifestyle," Legere said. "It's really the perfect culmination of all of my passions: wireless technology, fitness, and magenta fashion."

But let's be honest for a second: it would be insanely hard to change out of an integrated onesie.

Via T-Mobile


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