Watch These Insanely Talented Blacksmiths Forge Aragorn's Sword

Shelby Rogers

The Lord of the Rings trilogy boasted some of the most impressive weaponry in cinema. These weapons are so iconic that accurate recreations of items like Legolas's bow, Gimli's axe or Gandalf's staff can cost the most dedicated fans hundreds of dollars. One weapon that embodies the franchise, however, is Aragorn's sword -- Anduril (or Narsil, since Anduril was forged from the remnants of Narsil). The "Flame of the West" sword aided Aragorn in success throughout the series's battles, and the team with Man at Arms: Reforged on YouTube hope that making their own Anduril can help them find as much success.

The video chronicles the whole process from design to completion. The best part? The team had to use only techniques that would be considered "old school."

Via AWE me



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