Talented Engineer Designs a V12 Engine in Under Three Hours

If there were an Olympic game for designing an engine the fastest, this guy would have been the champion.
Derya Ozdemir

Some side-projects can be more entertaining than the meaty projects, and this one by YouTuber Wesley Kagan is a prime example of that. As the title of the video suggests, he builds a mini air-powered V12 engine as fast as possible, and "it's terrible." Admittedly, his comment is quite a bit harsh when you take the fact that he designed a sort-of functioning engine in under three hours into consideration.

While working on a Mazda engine project, Kagan wanted a fun little challenge to take "a break from staring at valves." He decided to use some of the material that he didn't want to share because of quality concerns to build a V12. The prototyping and printing took 30 hours, and the whole engine, which was not meant to be good, was thrown together in about 2 hours.