Watch DIY mechanics drive a huge tank-like ATV onto a frozen lake

What can go wrong?
Derya Ozdemir

Have you ever heard of the Sherp? Considered to be the greatest off-road vehicle on the planet by some, it's a sport utility task vehicle with unique capabilities and qualities. It's manufactured by Quadro International in Kyiv, Ukraine. What happens, however, if you take it to brave the ice on a frozen lake? Rich Benoit and Steven Salowsky of YouTube's Rich Rebuilds take the Sherp ice fishing just to see what happens in this episode of Rich Rebuilds.

With its paddle tires, all-wheel drive, and low center of gravity, the Sherp is more than capable of handling the frozen lake's treacherous surface. Benoit and Salowsky drive the Sherp on thin ice, and it's even capable of floating, driving through water, and climbing back onto the solid lake ice. Safe to say, the ice is no match for the Sherp.