Tesla Is on a Mission to Invent the Perfect Battery

Tesla continues to lead battery innovation around the world.
Jessica Miley

Tesla is the car maker that is synonymous with a growing trend of electrification. Not only do they make slick cars with insane acceleration, but their entire range is also fully electric. 

While the world should be thankful for the vision of Elon Musk, many people have questions about the future of electric cars and Tesla in particular. When will the battery need replacing and how much will it cost?

Like all batteries, the batteries in Tesla cars slowly lose their storage capacity over time. Right now Tesla offers an 8-year warranty on their Model 3 cars or a warranty to 160K, whatever comes first. In addition, Tesla offers a guarantee that their batteries will maintain retention of capacity to 75% under normal use. 

If the battery falls below this, they will replace it. Tesla is throwing resources at trying to improve its battery technology to make its cars and other battery systems better and better. Part of this push saw them acquire Maxwell Technologies. This will mean better and cheaper batteries in the future. 

This detailed video from Real Engineering goes deep into the how's, and why’s of Tesla’s battery quest. Analyzing not only Tesla’s business and engineering decisions but looking at the market broadly to offer some terrific insights into the future of electric cars and batteries generally.