Tesla Owner Gives His Model 3 a Solar Panel Upgrade

The setup is neither efficient nor cost-effective, but it works.
Derya Ozdemir

As you can imagine, solar energy is one of the most abundant energy resources we have on earth; however, that isn't to say that we make use of it efficiently. 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth continuously which is more than 10,000 times our total energy use.

To better utilize this under-tapped energy, many companies—one of them being Tesla with its Solar Roofs—are investing in emerging solar technologies. We are not yet at a point where we can paint on solar cells on all kinds of surfaces, but that doesn't mean people out there aren't rigging up their vehicles to include solar energy. 

In this video, a Tesla Model 3 owner attaches solar panels to the roof of his car to see how they work. However, he doesn't permanently attach them, rather, he lays them over his car.

While this obviously wouldn't work for use while driving, it could be great for those times when you're going out camping and your car will sit for a long time with no access to a charger. If you're curious to see how well this works, make sure you watch the video above.

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