Tesla Model 3 Head to Head in Chess Match against Chess Prodigy, Fabiano Caruana

Watch as the chess aficionado takes on a game of chess against the Tesla Model 3, as he sits comfortably in its front seat.
Fabienne Lang

Online chess matches are not a new part of our technological days. However, when a young chess prodigy and a Tesla Model 3's computer system play head-on, it's something to behold.

Fabiano Caruana, American chess master, decides to play some "risky chess" as he says in the video and ignores the traditional, safer, regulations of chess. He wants to see how Tesla Model 3's chess 'player' will respond.

You can see Caruana tweet about the game here:

As the game goes on, Caruana is impressed with the moves the 'Tesla player' is making, stating how well it's playing against him throughout this game. Not bad Tesla, not bad.

The online chess player even makes a 'greedy move' as Caruana states himself, keeping the game exciting and moving along in unexpected ways. The Tesla also takes Caruana by surprise once in a while, and perhaps even keeps him on his toes?

Without giving the result completely away, Caruana isn't left with too many surprises by the end of the match. See for yourselves whether Tesla Model 3's computer wins over Fabiano Caruana, a chess prodigy. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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