Tesla Model 3 Hits World Record: Longest Time on Road in 24 Hours

Watch this video to see the Tesla Model 3 drive an impressive 2781 km over 24 hours.

Driving through Germany, this Tesla Model 3 has gone for 24 hours and reached an impressive 2,781 km (1,728 miles), breaking its previous record of 2,644 km (1,643 miles).

How did the team do it?

The team of two drivers broke up their race against time behind the steering wheel by catching some shut-eye every few hours and had a very set time limit when recharging the Tesla Model 3's batteries. By only charging the vehicle to 64 percent, they were able to save time and keep up enough energy. 

The video is certainly entertaining, as we watch one of the drivers refuel himself with a typical German bratwurst and Red Bull, no time to feast on Michelin-starred meals during this race, or as they encounter a flotilla of trucks lugging a boat on the highway. Will that tractor block them from reaching their target? 

But it is also informative, as we learn more about the Tesla Model 3's power and prowess.

Take a look and watch the world record for yourselves, after joining the 2,702 live streamers who watched the team cross the "finish line." 

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