Tesla Model 3 Sets New Hypermiling Record by Driving 975 km on a Single Charge

Two Tesla owners have pushed their Model 3 to the limit by setting a new hypermiling record.
Jessica Miley

A new Tesla Model 3 hypermiling record has just been set. Hypermiling is defined by driving as efficiently as possible in order to drive the longest distance possible on one tank of fuel or one charge of battery. 

It isn’t an accurate way to test a car's efficiency but it does show some interesting things about the way our driving affects our cars performance. Tesla owners Erik Strait and Sean Mitchell set the new record on public roads. 

They hoped to reach 600 miles or 965 km and managed to just scrape past their goal reaching 606.2 miles. The slow driving experience may have been enough to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance driven in a production electric car on a single charge. 

Basically, the two Tesla fans drove a Model 3 very very slowly without using any other power consuming features such as heating or air conditioning. To achieve the latest record the pair drove consistently at about 40 km/h, it took 32 hours to set the record. 

The drivers streamlined their long slow journey with a YouTube live stream. This isn't the most riveting thing to watch but the end results will no doubt inspire other EV owners to take up the challenge. 

But a word of warning to those thinking of taking up hypermiling record-breaking as a hobby. According to the Twitter account of Sean Mitchell, after absolutely draining the car's battery it doesn’t seem to want to take any juice.