Tesla Model X vs. Fiat Panda Cross: which one performs better off-road?

The result may be more surprising than you think.
Mert Erdemir

It's always a pleasure to watch two sport utility vehicles (SUVs) racing off-road. So, here is another one.

In this video, YouTube channel carwow brings in the Fiat Panda Cross to go head-to-head against the Tesla Model X across a series of challenges. The comparison may seem absurd since Tesla Model X has superior qualifications in many aspects. Model X can put down 417hp and 660Nm while its competitor Fiat Panda Cross is capable of putting down only 85hp and 145Nm of torque. Tesla Model X, with its weight of 5,512 lb (2,500 kg), is more than two times heavier than Fiat Panda Cross weighing 2,568 lb (1,165 kg). Is this enough to beat the Panda off-road? A little tip for you: Fiat Panda won in some challenges hands-down.