Tesla Model Y Takes on Sur Ron E-Bike in Electric Drag Race

Tune in to see the ultimate face-off between two popular electric vehicles!

We've seen our share of bizarre drag races: from a Shelby GT 350 facing a combine harvester to a cheetah and a Formula E car, we can safely say that they are in abundance. Most recently, the coolest, or weirdest up to your liking, drag race ever has hit the internet: a Sur Ron electric bike vs Tesla Model Y Performance.

In case you don't know the Sur Ron electric trail bike is one of the best-selling light electric motorcycles in the U.S. In this video by Driven By Jordan, we see the ultimate face-off between two popular EVs.

While we won't spoil the results, we can surely say that this video gives you the unique opportunity to see two EVs while demonstrating raw electric power and torque

The stats of the situation are not exactly ideal since the race is performed on a public road in a residential area. Also, the rider wasn't wearing a helmet, so here is your reminder to never ever ride on an electric bike without a helmet!

If you're curious to see the outcome, go ahead and watch the video.

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