A DIY Mechanic Has Upgraded a Tesla Into a War Machine. With Dual Machine Guns?

A military makeover? Bring it on!
Derya Ozdemir

YouTube channel FullMag has equipped a Tesla Model X with dual machine guns deploying out of the falcon-wing doors, and it looks every bit as dangerous and badass as you'd expect.

The YouTuber substantially upgraded the truck in collaboration with Black Rifle Coffee, a prominent coffee company founded by U.S. military veterans. The end product has a full-service espresso bar and is filled with canned coffee. However, the most eye-catching feature is definitely the deployable machine guns that come out of the falcon-wing doors. In fact, it's rather difficult not to notice them.

The crew collaborated with Unplugged Performance to install the body kit and give the vehicle a militaristic makeover, and they hardwired the mount and electronic deployed and fired system using a Tesla tuner's experience with Tesla automobiles. It means that the Model X's battery pack is used to power the whole machine gun system. If you want to witness the complete build and the finished product, check out the video posted above, and as always, have fun!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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