Tesla X Tows a Semi-Trailer through the Snow

Bjørn Nyland is at it again, this time hooking his Tesla Model X up to a semi-trailer and successfully pulling it through the snow.
Jessica Miley

You might say if you have seen a Tesla pull a large heavy object once, you have seen them all, but this latest video of a Tesla punching above its weight is worth a watch. In this case, a Tesla Model X takes on a semi-trailer. 

Of course, the Tesla belongs to none other than the Tesla superstar Bjørn Nyland. Nyland pints out in the video description that although this has been done before, this time the truck is in neutral, so the Tesla is really pulling the total 43,000 kg of the truck. 

The Tesla is equipped with some serious snow tires as it manages to haul this huge truck along a very snowy and icy road. Nyland has made a name for himself punishing his Tesla Model X in all sorts of insane situations. 

He has performed tugs-of-war with much larger and heavier cars including a Hummer. He has even tried to turn his Model X into an off-road vehicle, taking it on an off-road adventure that forced many Tesla fans to shield their eyes as crashed the front bumper. 

What makes Nyland’s videos so popular is he talks about the reality of owning a Tesla and demonstrates his car and his adventures in a very down to earth manner. While many people dream of owning a Tesla, Nyland offers the chance to live vicariously through him and experience the great advantages and occasional disadvantages of owning one of these groundbreaking cars.