Tesla's Integrated Surveillance System Catches Vandal Slashing Its Tire

Tesla's Sentry Mode saves videos of suspicious activities around the car.
Donna Fuscaldo

Turns out Tesla is so much more than just an electric vehicle, its also a crime-stopper. 

The company's Sentry Mode, which is a surveillance system built into Tesla vehicles, played a supporting role in uncovering a vandal in California earlier this week. 

As seen in this video, Tesla recorded a male repeatedly puncturing the tire of the Tesla vehicle in the wee hours of the morning. For an unexplained reason, the man took off his shoes to commit the act, used his cellphone to illuminate the tire and committed the crime with a pocket knife. He was also carrying a white bag that appeared to have take-out food in it. 

Posted on YouTube by Le Go, Go explained it like this: "The incident happened around 3 AM when the car was parked by the leasing office of a rental apartment community in Newport Beach, CA. When I found out one of the tires was flat on my way to work, I checked the recordings made by the car. Its Sentry mode saves videos of all suspicious activities around the car from 4 cameras, one on each side." 

Go said he brought his evidence to the Police in Newport Beach, California. Police informed him several other cars in the area had tires that were slashed on the same night Go's Tesla was assaulted.  It didn't appear to be Tesla targeting, Go noted, promising to post an update as the investigation is still ongoing. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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