Tesla's New Honk-to-Record Feature Captures Hammer Crashing into Windshield

A hammer was let loose on a U.S. highway. Luckily, Tesla was there to capture the footage.
Loukia Papadopoulos

It is not every day that things get hurled out at our windshields, luckily. But if that day should ever come, you would want this nifty new feature by Tesla around.

Released just last month, this new feature dictates that a forward-facing dash camera will turn on and start recording any time you honk the horn. One intrepid driver made use of this novel feature when he saw a hammer flying toward his windshield.

The end result is an interesting video for all of us to see along with what probably is useful evidence for the insurance company. In the video, we can see the car driving along quietly when all of a sudden in the distance an object appears hurling at the front windshield.

What might this object be? Nothing less than a hammer. We have to admire the driver for staying calm in front of such a site and honking the horn.

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