Testing the Most Advanced Face Masks With Stinky Stuff

From Axe body spray to fart spray, these face masks had quite the rivals.

From people wearing sanitary pads as face masks to putting bras on their faces to keep out the coronavirus particles, the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to see our fair share of bizarre solutions. Back in 2020, we even saw a shortage of face masks in some countries as meeting the billions of people's need for face masks required an estimated 40 percent increase in manufacturing.

Today, face masks have become a staple for many, and unsurprisingly, the internet has a wide array of options when it comes to this particular protective equipment. In this video by the YouTube channel JOLLY, you can see some of the most advanced, and "jolly ridiculous," face masks available for purchase on Amazon being tested with the use of an interesting tool: Fart spray.  

Of course, it doesn't end there; they pop out many other stinky stuff such as freshly popped popcorn, onions, and Axe body spray, which they describe to be "the most potent smell known to man." If you're curious to see the results, make sure you watch the video above; it'll be a fun ride.

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