Testing How Far You Can Go in First Gear at Wide Open Throttle

Soon enough, a lot of smoke follows...
Derya Ozdemir

YouTube Channel Garage 54 is an automotive paradise for auto-enthusiasts and probably, an actual nightmare fuel for a lot of cars. From turning a car upside down and driving it that way to building the quietest car exhaust system using nine mufflers, they like to push the limits and try all kinds of experimental stuff. 

In this particular video, Garage 54 car mechanics try to answer this question: "How far can you go in first at WOT?" WOT actually stands for "wide open throttle" and it refers to the internal combustion engine's highest intake of air and fuel that occurs when the throttle plates inside the carburetor are wide open, thus providing the least resistance to the incoming air.

In this video, you can learn how long that can last time and distance-wise and what will happen to the engine. We couldn't imagine a scenario where someone would like to go in first gear at WOT; however, it turns out, old people can actually forget that they need to shift gears. Since they are hard of hearing, they don't realize that engine is making bad noises too. Well, in this case, that poor car has finally had enough — probably, for the better. 

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