That's a Whole 'Lada' Pyromania! Watch Russians Spark Half a Million Matches on an Old Lada Car

A few industrious Russians have glued half a million matches onto a dead Lada just for the flaming fun of it.
Dana  Miller

Mom always said not to play with matches. She did not say anything about meticulously gluing them onto an old, forgotten car, hauling the car out to a deserted field, adding some accelerant, and sparking up next to the fuel tank! Hey Mom, a little adult-supervised pyromania in a safe environment never hurt anyone.

A few committed Russians wanted to play Nero while a broken-down Lada burned, so they gathered a mountain of matches and spent several days painstakingly placing them on the car just to see what would happen once they lit the fire. Call it a true 'trial by fire!' With a carefully-laid '54' made out of matches on the car's hood to pay tribute to its model year, the stage was set for a cinematic burn

The discarded matchboxes were piled up inside the car to add extra kindling, and an implicit hope that an impressive, orange plume of fire would stretch toward the sky where the Lada once sat seemed to run through the orchestrators of this fiery feat.

When the first match is struck, the car begins to burn in somewhat square formations in keeping with the linear placement of the multitudinous matches. Unfortunately, even with the addition of the liquid accelerant, the matches on the car simply would not stay caught and continuously burn, though it did look cool with its square of small flame igniting in various places.