The Amazing Robots Exploring Space

Exploring the cosmos is hard work. These are the robots helping astronauts and engineers in space.

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Rover, Perseverance, Curiosity. If these names sound familiar, it's because they are among the most extraordinary robots currently exploring space. And while they might be the most famous, they are not the only robots helping astronauts and engineers discover the cosmos. Robots are present everywhere in space, from the International Space Station to out and about on planets and moons, and they bring together the best of science, technology and engineering.

What do these robots do? A variety of tasks ranging from cleaning handrails, picking up objects, and flipping switches to collaborating to build structures in space. 

Some of these advanced robots are even designed to handle hostile environments such as the ones found on the Moon and on Mars, and they can crawl, walk, scale cliffs, and sketch out the rough terrain found in all types of surroundings.


Indeed, it seems there's little these agile robots cannot do. In this video, we bring you footage of them live and in action. We also answer some of the most common questions about them: What are these robots called? Who developed them? Where are they now? What will they be doing on future missions?

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