The Award-Winning And Best-Selling VR Rhythm Game

Sony unveiled both its cutting-edge games for the PS5 and its new in-vehicle technology called Afeela at CES 2023.
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Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most common trends that we have now in technology. Alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other up and coming developments, we might now have an idea of how the future world would look like. The integration of these technologies can be seen almost everywhere from smartphones, gaming, entertainment, and even to gadgets for daily household use. After all, these technologies are created in order to improve life quality and experience for everyone.

Sony unveiled several projects they have for the year at the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show. The projects mentioned include the release of PlayStation VR2, more VR games scheduled for release, including the award-winning and best-selling VR rhythm game - Beat saber, Project Leonardo, and the new automotive under Sony Honda Mobility, Afeela.

With these projects in line, Sony aims to deliver a promising experience for its users this year in terms of gaming, entertainment, accessibility, and mobility.

The upcoming PlayStation VR2 console is available for pre-order and will be released on the 22nd of February this year. To take VR gaming up a notch, more than 30 games are also on the line to showcase the console’s ability to create a whole new gaming experience.  

Sony also announces a new PS 5 accessibility controller kit to enhance the gaming experience of players with disabilities. The codename “Project Leonardo” will feature a highly customizable console with several software options to enable comfortable gaming.

The projects presented not only illuminated plans for games. At CES 2023, Sony Honda mobility unveiled the prototype of its new car brand Afeela. This electronic vehicle aims to make mobility become something people can feel as an intelligent entity, connecting people and society.  

Afeela is expected to have several features that would enhance both the driving and passenger experience as teased in the show. Interactive automotive technology, AI, and automated assistance systems are just some of the features mentioned. This automotive would be integrated with Sony’s sensors and technologies as well as the developments made in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and Epic Games.

The announcement of these projects that Sony has in store for the future just shows how the company works to stay in line with the current trends in technology. Once the PS VR2 drops in late February this year, gamers and enthusiasts alike would definitely take time to try what the new console has to offer. Meanwhile, Afeela lookouts would be waiting for news regarding upcoming developments in the automotive.

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