The Backyard Scientist Built a Giant Mousetrap Car and it's Awesome

The Backyard Scientist aka Kevin Kohler built a giant mousetrap car that is pretty darn slow but pretty darn awesome.
Jessica Miley

Just when we thought the backyard scientist couldn’t get any more endearing, he goes and builds a giant mousetrap car. The vehicle is actually based on a giant mousetrap he built earlier this year to smash things. The car uses the same principles you might have applied if you built a mousetrap propelled toy in science class, this is just - well, much bigger.

Unfortunately, the very cool car isn’t very fast, nor does it handle well and don’t even mention brakes. But lack of engineering aside the car makes a great statement and the video of Kevin Kohler taking his brother and girlfriend for rides around his neighborhood is just fun to watch. Particularly when they run into things, narrowly miss hitting a passing car, crash into a bush and almost lose the whole thing into a ditch. The mousetrap works when a strap is wrapped around the rear axle and pinned to the bar, when the bar is released it unravels the strap propelling the car forward. Knowing the Backyard scientist I am sure we are going to see this vehicle pimped up in the near future to include rockets or something else equally dangerous. Kohler has just finished filming some episodes of the Science Channels ‘street science’ which also feature the mousetrap both in its smashing things up mode and as the much cooler mousetrap car.