The Biggest 3D Printed House in One Piece Was Created and We Have Video

Construction company Kamp already boasts having Europe’s largest 3D printer.

Belgian sustainable construction company Kamp just 3D printed the biggest house created in one piece and there is a video documenting the process. Already boasting Europe’s largest 3D printer, Kamp just achieved another record.

3D printed housing has many advantages. It’s significantly quick, it’s more judicious with material use, and more cost-effective.

But don't get too excited. The house is more of a demo for now than an actual home to live in. However, it is still big enough to have occupants and is even equipped with sustainable amenities, like solar panels and underfloor heating.

“The material’s compressive strength is three times greater than that of the conventional quick build brick,” Marijke Aerts, the project manager, told New Atlas.

“Besides the fibers in the concrete, the amount of wire-mesh reinforcement used is extremely limited. As a result of the printing technology used, formworking was redundant, saving an estimated sixty percent on material, time, and budget.”

Still, the 980 square feet two-story home is more of a statement for the time being as to what can be achieved with 3D printing. And the video sure does make that statement. We look forward to seeing it turned into a real home soon.

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