The Creative Robot Shows You Its Talents And Leaves A Moment

Artificial intelligence is now producing its own talents. At CES 2023, you can have your portrait drawn by an AI.
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Do you want to have a portrait of yourself but with a different twist? At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, you can have both with this creative robot creating your portrait while engaging in a conversation with you. 

This is the Sketcher X, an artistic robot intended to create portraits while talking to people. This robot was brought to the CES by Xorbis Co. LTD, a company in South Korea that aims to innovate technology by using the concept of an interaction between people and media. 

Jaemon Kim from Xorbis presented the Sketcher X as a robot that runs using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The integration of AI technology in this creative robot allows it to spark conversations with people while offering to create a sketch of the person they are speaking with. 

Robots become more involved in our everyday lives as time goes by since the field of robotics was first explored. Current technologies such as AI being integrated into robots like the Sketcher X shows how far we already are in creating inventions that weren’t even considered possible before. 

The conversations made with the Sketcher X robot allow an interactive experience for people as they get their portraits created. What happens is that as the robot sketches, the conversion between the user and the robot can be interpreted by the system, reflecting the user’s mood on the generated portrait. 

This feature of the creative robot achieves the company’s aim of connecting people with the media. 

The setup of the Sketcher X involves a humanoid head for people to converse with and one robotic arm that draws. The generated portraits look like quick sketches and what’s interesting is that you get to see the robotic arm doing the whole process. Scratch lines that may seem random at first eventually translate into a nice outline of your image. 

It wouldn’t be a surprise if there would be lines at the CES for the Sketcher X. It’s an experience that any tech or robot enthusiast would like to try. It’s not that often that you’ll get a chance to have a robot drawing a portrait of you while having a little chat on the side, right?

This engaging way of interacting with a robot as observed with the Sketcher X just shows how AI and other technologies are developing toward a people-centered experience. Given the chance, would you like to have a creative session with this robot?

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