The Deadliest Animals on Earth Will Likely Surprise You

It's not the animals with razor-sharp teeth or big claws that are actually the most dangerous.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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When you hear the term deadliest animals on Earth you think you have a good idea which ones they might be. They are likely these ones with razor-sharp teeth and big claws. Sharks and bears make for good candidates, you might think.

However, the real most dangerous animals may surprise you as they are the ones that seem quite peaceful. Perhaps that is their trick: letting everyone think they are harmless?

Let's start with deers. Yes, deers are some of the deadliest animals out there. They’re actually responsible for around 130 deaths each year due to causing road accidents at night and they have earned themselves the title of “America’s deadliest animal.”

Compared to that, bears, who seem much scarier, are only responsible for one death a year. This is because they mostly stay away from humans. 

Elephants, on the other hand, are known to charge anyone and anything they see as a threat – this includes poachers and tourists alike. These creatures kill about 500 people a year, much more than the seemingly threatening bears.

In our video, we introduce you to more surprising deadly animals. Watch the clip to find out which are actually the most dangerous animals around and which just seem threatening.

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