The Extreme Power of Water Cutting Machines

When concentrated and directed properly, water can cut through almost anything.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Water might not seem like the best option for cutting things but when concentrated and directed properly, water can cut through almost anything. In this video, we bring you water cutting machines and dare you not to be impressed by what they can achieve.

There are machines that use an ultra-high-pressure water jet to cut through the material resulting in the capacity to cut any material in practically any shape or thickness with exceptional accuracy. Other machines specialize in cutting any industrial material such as metal, foam, and stone with precision.

There are water-cutting machines with a five-axis water jet that can cut a turbine blade from a 10 mm thick aluminum sheet. There are also tiny but efficient desktop water jets that are perfect for laboratories.

There are machines that function with a travel speed of 15 m/min (49 feet/min) and portable water jets that can cut many materials with a pressure of 5,000 psi (345 bar). Other machines can even engrave with water on various materials including marble.

Have these examples piqued your curiosity yet? Are you excited about seeing the mesmerizing process of cutting material with water jets in action? Then, do not miss this video.


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