The Future of the Wheel: Airless Tires

These tires are puncture-free and environmentally friendly.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Airless tire designs are literally reinventing the wheel. They come in a variety of formats and shapes with some cleverly taking on existing models and others being truly cutting edge.

In this video, we explore the various designs and answer the following questions: Are airless tires the future? How are they constructed without air? Are they safer and more reliable? Do they make cars faster and more aerodynamics? Which car companies are making airless tires? When can we hope to see them in our vehicles?

Airless tires can be puncture-free and environmentally friendly. They can also minimize danger on the roads. Airless tires are a lot like one of the most impactful inventions in our history: the wheel. They come with a shear layer right below the tire's treads.

Shear refers to the ability of an object to handle strain under pressure. Designing this part of an airless tire requires balancing out stiffness and elasticity. Luckily, engineers around the world have figured out exactly how to do that.

As such, Michelin's airless tires hit the streets last September and they are expected to be ready for market launch in 2024. We could not be more excited as the future of cars is here!

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