The Futuristic Technologies Used to Control Fires

Firefighters are real-life heroes, but they occasionally get some support from revolutionary technology.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Wildfires! The mere mention of the term ignites images of forests burning out of control causing unimaginable damage. As global warming worsens, we have seen these fires ignite around the world leaving behind unlimited catastrophes.

In the midst of this chaos, firefighters rise to the challenge of fighting these raging fires. Indeed, these individuals are real heroes in times of great distress. However, these brave heroes are not alone. They have the help of several up-and-coming technologies.

Firefighters use many tools to fight wildfires such as drones, robots, satellites, radars, dragon eggs, fire retardants, fire-fighting foams, and superabsorbent polymer gels. Each of these tools comes with many benefits and a few drawbacks but make no mistake about it they are key elements to fighting fires.

What are these tools? How effectively do they work? How advanced are they? What new developments might we be witnessing in tools to fight fires? How are futuristic technologies being deployed in the fight against raging fires? We answer all these questions and even bring you an inside look at the processes firefighters use to work. If you have a passion for firefighting or are just curious about the profession, this video is for you.

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