The Intricacies of Building Swimming Pools

A pool can take anywhere from 40 days to years to build according to its level of complexity.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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On a hot summer's day, there is nothing better than taking a dive in a relaxing and fun swimming pool. We all enjoy swimming pools, especially when on vacation, but we barely stop to recognize that they are works of engineering with many intricacies.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to build a pool? Let's start with how long it takes to build an in-ground swimming pool. The average time is about 40 to 50 days for a small backyard pool and months and perhaps even years for larger pools for hotels and sports complexes.

Why does it take so exceptionally long? After all, aren't pools just holes in the ground? Nope! Pools are complex architectures that require many levels of work.

First, architects and engineers must work to design the pool in line with the space available. Next, they must design the utilities such as plumbing that will be needed to support the pool.

Once these steps are done, the digging and excavation begin, making way for concrete foundations to be laid. Once the hole is dug, plumbing, consisting of fill pipes, drain pipes, filtration and heating pipes are installed. 

What is the purpose of all this plumbing and what steps come next to complete a swimming pool? Watch the video to find out more.