The Lagonda Taraf Is The World's Most Expensive Luxury Sedan

Only 120 models of this vehicle were ever made each priced at U.S. $1 million.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Ever wonder what the world's most expensive luxury sedan is? Well, wonder no more because we have the answer. It's the Lagonda Taraf, made by British automobile manufacturer Aston Martin.

The name Taraf means ultimate luxury in Arabic and only 120 models were ever made each priced at $1 million USD. This is twice as expensive as a Rolls Royce Phantom.

In this video, YouTuber Doug DeMuro gets his hands on a Lagonda Taraf and reviews it. This is no small feat as the car is the only Taraf on sale in North America. Talk about exclusive!

This is because the vehicle was never created to be sold in North America. The plan was to only sell it in the Middle East where there was a specific market demand and where people could probably afford them.

The firm did end up selling a few in Europe and other markets but never in North America. Perhaps North Americans simply did not want to spend that much money on just a vehicle.

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DeMuro does a full review of the car showing exactly what it is that makes it that pricey. The video is half an hour long so DeMuro really covers every aspect of the car going over every corner of the vehicle and it is fun to get a close-up look of a car we will never be able to own.

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