The Latest Video Production Solution From Nikon

At CES 2023 Nikon has unveiled two new products, BoltX, and Unreal Ride, that will move the film industry.
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Japanese camera company Nikon is catching the attention of many filmmakers at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023, but this time not for a new camera or a lens. 

The highlights of Nikon’s booth at CES are BoltX and Unreal Ride, two hi-tech video production technologies that will surely surprise and please many ad-makers and action filmmakers.

Bolt X is a robotic arm using which cinematographers will be able to capture high-speed scenes. Moreover, when combined with high-resolution LEDs and Unreal Engine, it will allow filmmakers to visualize scenes that are impossible to shoot otherwise. 

As compared to previous camera-handling robots, BoltX offers the longest arm reach of more than three meters. Plus, it can move the camera at a speed of 9.7 m/s while maintaining the highest visual quality. 

BoltX covers every feature related to high-speed motion capturing such as triggering, repeat pass, and virtual production. It will surprise with you the level of smoothness and flexibility at which it operates. 

Whether it is about shooting a tabletop food commercial or a fast-paced feature film sequence involving fancy cars, BoltX promises to deliver the best results, and it’s not the only product from Nikon that a filmmaker would fall in love with.

If you are a Tron fan and you are attending the CES 2023, you definitely can not miss the Unreal Ride. 

It’s basically a futuristic motorcycle prop placed in front of a large LED screen that allows a cinematographer to shoot a motorcycle sequence in any virtually-created environment. The motorcycle stays still but you won’t be able to spot it if you are the audience.  

Nikon’s Unreal Ride can make motorcycle sequences as real as they can be, and the best part is, it only requires a small studio space to set up and shoot scenes — so no wires, no rigs, only entertainment. 

Unreal Ride is cooler than you think as it can be even used in media outside of films and commercials. 

Imagine you are a Tik Toker who loves to make videos in virtual environments, wouldn’t you love to post a realistic video of yourselves riding a bike on Mars? Unreal Ride can make this happen with a quality you may not be able to get with your traditional green-screen shoot. 

Both BoltX and Unreal Ride promise to make video creation easier and fancier than ever. They are the kind of equipment that every techy filmmaker dreams of. Although their performance is yet to be tested by filmmakers, they will surely open doors to a different kind of high-tech and hassle-free filmmaking.     

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