The Lego Movie Heroes Help Create an Iconic Airline Safety Video

Instead of standard airline hosts giving out safety information, Turkish Airlines got some entertaining help from famous LEGO characters.
Shelby Rogers

It might be one of the funniest airline safety videos ever assembled. Rather than opt for a bland instructional video, Turkish Airlines released an impressive, clever and fun way to tell people what to do on an airline to maintain their safety. 

While this is far from the only entertaining airline safety video, it's certainly one we won't forget anytime soon. Fans of The Lego Movie and its sequels will love watching Emmet, the Joker, Superman, and Lego Batman going through the mundane airline things hundreds of thousands of passengers go through everyday.

We will note, however, that it's odd to see Lego Batman on a commercial airliner. Was the Batmobile or Batwing in the shop? Was Wonder Woman's invisible jet hard to spot or not on loan? Regardless, he learned the hard way not to bring out his larger electronic devices on a flight -- especially on takeoff or landing. Oh, and maybe Batman should put them on airplane mode next time as well.