The Many Secrets of the Mysterious Antarctica

We explore the many wonders of this desolate continent.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This is because, despite being one of the planet's largest continents, Antarctica is scarcely populated. 

Its weather makes the place inhospitable to humans. Because it is so desolate, it lends itself to many outlandish conspiracy theories. Could any of them be true?

We explore this question in our video but more importantly, we explore what we have learned about the continent from the many brave people that have dared to visit it.

Antarctica's many wonders, such as the singing ice, are explained. We also take look at its unfrozen sea hole and its blood falls. 

What causes these wonders? Have scientists understood how they came to be and how they function today? 

We also know that Antarctica was a habitable continent many millions of years ago. This is due to the many fossils discovered of long-extinct plants and even dinosaurs.

Today, it also has a rich life underneath its many layers of ice. What does this life consist of and who first discovered it? We answer these questions and more, delving deep into the continent's many secrets.

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