The Massive Flood That Triggered an Ice Age

The megaflood affected all animal life, including human, and could be repeated today.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that a massive flood triggered an ice age over 13,000 years ago? Neither did we but luckily SciShow is here to bring us that interesting fact.

"13,000 years ago, North America seemed to be thawing from a 2.6 million-year ice age. Then, a huge swath of Earth was suddenly plunged back into the cold for 1,000 years. To understand why we need to talk about megafloods," reads the video description.

What is most interesting is that it happened right when it looked like things were looking as if they were getting warmer. Then, all of a sudden, due to a massive flood several areas were covered in ice.

The flood affected all animal life, including human. However, what is scarier is that we still have today much smaller versions of these phenomena especially in Iceland.

Now, scientists are worried that current ice melting might even trigger another such flood. As such, they are quite concerned with these megafloods from the past.

"Studying these megafloods from the past could be critical to understanding the future global effects of climate change,' says the video's host.

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