The Mayo Clinic Explains CRISPR in a Way You Can Understand

The gene editing technique is all the rage but who truly understands it? This clip is for those who do not.

CRISPR is all the rage now with applications ranging from yielding better crops to killing cancer cells. But does anyone really understand it?

You could read our guide to CRISPR that provides everything you ever needed to know about the innovation or you can watch this video by the Mayo Clinic.

The clip outlines how CRISPR plays with our DNA. CRISPR is short for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.

The system has many varied applications including helping find anomalies in our DNA and occasionally fixing them. It consists of two elements: the Cas9 protein and a guide RNA.

The first can cut the DNA while the second can recognize the sequence of DNA to be edited. What is achieved by these two components?

You will have to watch the video for the rest of that explanation. After all, the Mayo Clinic can do a much better job of explaining it than we can.

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