The Miracle and Science of Life from Conception to Birth

Today, the miracle of life also includes CRISPR gene editing, artificial wombs and embryos and so much more.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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When we think of the miracle of life we imagine the traditional conception followed by nine months of growth and development and then birth. And indeed this process is quite miraculous but science is making it even more so.

Today, the miracle of life also includes CRISPR gene editing, artificial wombs and embryos and so much more. In this video, we explore how when the miracle of life meets science things become even more inspiring.

We take a look at the process of making a human from fertilization, to when the ball of cells starts transforming into an embryo, to when the foundation of a face starts to take shape and a heart starts beating, and finally to birth.

We explore each of the steps in between and explain how they come to be. We then explore how science is affecting this process and what the future of making a life may hold.

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