The Most Futuristic Police Vehicles Around the World

These cars come with AI, high-tech communication systems, and very high speeds.

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Most of the time, regular police cars are boring. They are just vehicles with sirens mounted on top of them. However, these days new police cars have surfaced and they feature the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, high-tech communication systems, and very high speeds. In this video, we bring you some of the most advanced police cars and dare you not to be impressed.

There's the Bozena Riot, an armored vehicle built to quench riots. Its 24.6-ft (7.5-m) shield transforms into an impenetrable wall, and it's equipped with tear gas guns, speakers, cameras, and holes for shooting rubber bullets.

Meanwhile, the Ghiath by W Motors, known as the Beast Patrol, is a police car from Dubai that is equipped with AI systems and facial recognition technology. Also from Dubai, the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest police car in service in the whole world. Powered by a 1,000-horsepower engine, it can reach top speeds of 254 mph (407 km/h).


What other advanced police cars are out there? What engineering goes into building them? How fast are they and what futuristic technologies do they possess? We answer all these questions and more in our video.

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