The Most Out of the Ordinary Record-Breaking Elevators

Did you know that the highest exterior elevator in Europe goes up 502 feet (153 meters) in under a minute.

Elevators are everywhere and we barely think about them. We use them to get to our destinations and don't often realize the marvels of engineering they could be. But not all elevators are created equal. Some elevators are even record breakers.

For instance, there’s the Hammetschwand Elevator located in Switzerland.

There’s also the Bailong Elevator in China that is the world’s tallest and fastest outdoor lift. Rising to the top of this 1,070-ft (326-m) long amazing structure takes a mere 90 seconds.

When you see these types of elevators you realize that lifts have come a long way from when they were first used in 80AD at the Colosseum to raise animals. They have become extravagant structures that are meant to be admired as much as they are meant to take you to your destination.


In our video, we bring you plenty of these impressive and out-of-the-ordinary elevators. So watch this video and see them live and in action as if you were riding them yourself. 

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