The Mystery and Magic of Magnetic Worms

Some of these creepy crawlers are attracted to magnets. But why?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that worms can be magnetic? YouTuber SmarterEveryDay stumbled upon this discovery when a co-worker of his was using a magnet to pick up nails off the ground.

Accidentally, he noticed that a worm had also been picked up. They then tested the magnet on all the worms in that area and found that they were all attracted to the magnet.

However, when they went out into a field to capture new worms, they found that these worms were not attracted to the magnet. This made the YouTuber quite angry as he could not understand it.

The conclusion that they finally drew from their little experiment is that since they were grinding up iron in the area of the magnetic worms, the worms must have gobbled up iron residue and then have become magnetic.

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This might seem like an oversimplified solution but it is the only one currently available. We tried Googling magnetic worms and did not find anything useful either.

I guess this is one of these topics that will remain a mystery, making magnetic worms almost magical. Watch the video to see the creepy crawlers in action.

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