The Next Generation Of Pool Cleaners At CES 2023

The most powerful wireless autonomous robot was unveiled at CES 2023 as the world leader in pool cleaning.
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Summer is the time to feel the heat and appreciate the sun’s warm embrace. Aside from having a lot of daytime activities, dipping into the pool is another timeless summertime activity, especially when the days become a little too hot.

With many people swimming in pools during summer, it is important that pools are always kept clean and well maintain. This might be a lot of work but thanks to developments in technology, we now have robots that can assist in cleaning pools.

In fact, we even have cordless robots that can go into the pool and start cleaning right away!

Tagged as the World’s Best Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, we have a series of pool-cleaning devices by Aiper presented at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. These pool-cleaning robots are under the Seagull series, which are currently the most powerful pool-cleaning robots that we have in the market, and of course, they are cordless.

These robots have a hydrodynamic design, allowing them to easily glide across the pool floor while cleaning it, collecting dirt and debris. The units are also fast charging that can provide long autonomous cleaning times on a single charge.

Aiper currently has four robots under the Seagull series namely: Seagull Pro, Seagull Plus, Elite Pro, and Seagull SE. All of these are designed for efficient, automated, and hassle-free pool cleaning. The units vary in size and abilities with other units capable of cleaning larger pool areas or having the function to clean and climb pool walls as well.

At the CES 2023, Aiper presented their latest model, the Seagull Pro which is their most powerful cordless pool cleaning robot. This robot is run by a quad motor system and can clean pools of up to 300 square meters.

These pool-cleaning robots are also fun to watch when operational. They might look like turtles crawling on the pool's surface as it cleans.

Aside from all things mentioned, having these robots are actually very efficient and time-saving, especially for those who own commercial pools. Think of how the Seagull robots can help in lessening the time allotted for pool cleaning, which usually consists of manual or assisted labor.

Having an automated pool cleaner will definitely be an advantage by allowing users to use that pool cleaning time for doing other stuff instead. That said, do you think these robots will be something to get before the summer season starts?

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